About ecomum

Hi there and welcome to some random ruminations around food. Yes, this is another food blog by Annie, a Sydney-based working mum who likes to escape from the hectic roller-coaster life by perusing food literature (preferably with a glass of wine).

I tend to have a salivating addiction to cookbooks, which I own a few hundred – you know, the traditional paper bricks that bend your bookshelves. In addition, I seem to accumulate books about food history, food language and etymology (how food words develop over time), food memoirs and gastronomy. Perhaps my background in linguistics has something to do with it; I simply cannot get enough of food words and savour every book with gusto.

I may be good at collecting cook books but I’m certainly no chef (admittedly, it was one of my childhood dream jobs). No, I’m just a busy-body teacher with an incessant appetite for food knowledge, and in all honesty, I am actually a terrible cook (just look at my post about a How (not) to Make a Lemon Meringue Pie, and you’ll get the point). Having said that, however, I live to eat other cooks’ culinary concoctions.

When I first set up this blog, I thought the name ecomum sounded cool, but alas, it took me seven long years to actually write anything! Life simply got too busy, and I kind of forgot I had a blog. But better late than never and I have recently started to pen my thoughts here. Most of my blog entries are, in fact, writings for my gastronomy studies at Southern Cross University.



Hope you enjoy!  




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